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Department of Physics

Chair of Experimental Physics V - Prof. Dr. Oliver Bäumchen

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​Experimental Physics of Soft and Living Matter

Welcome to the Bäumchen Lab! We are a highly interdisciplinary experimental physics lab, bridging the classical boundaries of physics, life sciences, chemistry and engineering.

We study complex fluids, soft matter and living systems. Our goal is to explore the fundamental physical principles of the dynamics and self-organization in these systems. Beyond non-living soft matter, we have developed a strong focus on the physics of active, living systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium: How do biological funtionalities shape the motility of microorganisms and their adhesion to surfaces? What is the role of interfaces on microbial motility? How do populations of microbes self-organize in confinement? Learn more about our ongoing research activities and check out our recent publications on these subjects.

We warmly welcome candidates for B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD thesis projects in our new labs. Get in touch with us by sending an email to oliver.baeumchen@uni-bayreuth.de!


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Biological Physics


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